Hello, lets have a cup of coffee!

Today I made two espresso cups for a commission. I think they turned out pretty awesome. They both have funny faces, and you can swap them around, so they have two outfits to wear, depending on your mood ;) I like the fact that they seem to be having a great conversation, probably about the kind of coffee they like.

Oh and don’t forget 2012 is creeping up on us pretty fast, so why not grab one of my kat cameron illustration magnet calendars…. They are available in my shop in all sorts of wondrous forms. Also I am very happy to make you a custom one if you don’t find an illustration option you like. Clicky Clicky!

4 thoughts on “Hello, lets have a cup of coffee!

    • Yes its ceramic paint. It goes in the dishwasher perfect, but its not great on plates that are going to have knives and forks scritching over it, as the paint can chip off. But they work perfectly as plates to serve cookies, or sandwiches or to go on the wall, and mugs and cups work even better. So much fun!

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