Living in Barcelona

Romanesco broccoli & cheese pasta

The other day I chanced upon this beautiful vegetable in the Organic shop down the road in Plaza del Sol. I snapped it up because I couldn’t quite believe the amazing fractal patterns in the broccoli buds. I wondered if the vegetable would taste as good as it looked, and today I made a cheese pasta with the broccoli to find out.

Broccoli (Romanesco if you have it, otherwise normal broccoli or cauliflower works just fine)
Goat Cream Cheese
Olive Oil

Pull the broccoli apart, cut off any leaves and wash thoroughly. Slightly brown the vegetable in some olive oil with a healthy pinch of dill and salt. Add some water and steam the buds. While they are cooking prepare the pasta and cheese sauce in separate pans. I mixed the Bechemel and goat cheese together with some pepper and then added it to the pasta. Finally add the dill and broccoli. You can serve with extra pepper and Parmesan sprinkled on top.

If you prefer, steam the broccoli with pepper, dill, and a dash of lemon, and serve on top of the cheese pasta.

Bon Appetit!


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