Jean-Baptiste Monge

Jean-Baptiste Monge has a name I cannot really pronounce but his art speaks of worlds and wonders I can certainly dive right into. I love to draw little kids flying or riding on all sorts of animals, and it would seem that I have this in common with this fantastic fantasy artist.

Monge has recently been drawing for the Diablo III book. I used to play Diablo awhile back, and Milos and I are looking forward to the new release. He has published a load of books on Faeries which I’m sure would delight many, myself included. Or pop on over to his online shop. His website is mostly in French, but there is a translation button. His illustrations are quite marvellous, and I think I have quite a bit to learn, don’t you!?
I have a number of inspiration posts lined up. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Jean-Baptiste Monge

  1. I love these images; I am a fan of fantasy and fairy tales so this is right up my street. Brilliant pieces of art. Thanks for sharing

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