Wayne White is Clever with Words

I saw these over on MissMoss, who did say that they had made the rounds on all the cool blogs. Clearly I don’t read ALL cool blogs, so I was pretty happy I saw them on hers. They are by this clever pants Wayne White, who must have had a dream one day that showed him the way to this awesomeness. I covet his book, it’s going on my book wishlist. But I may also have to steal his idea, in lieu of being able to buy a painting. I have a stack of weird old vintage paintings, and I think some phrase over them will be just the ticket, then I can hang em in my house, and pretend that he made them. Sorry Wayne, your idea is just too great, you have to share it!

I love the way he seamlessly incorporates his words into the painting.

Now I just have to think of a phrase to write.

Also, the lovely Angie of Lucky pony won my give away. Yay! Well done lovely!


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