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Taragona A go go

A couple of weekends ago, we drove down to Tarragona with some visiting friends. Tarragona is a little city near Barcelona on the coast. It has a fantastic old city center, where you can find apartments and people living in the old Roman ruins. Ruins are something that Milos really likes, and so we wandered around, while it threatened rain, peeking at strange fragments in the walls and trying to imagine all the Romans doing the same centuries ago.

We arrived in the tail end of the gypsy street market, where I eyed some interesting vintage paintings. I liked the horses a lot, but I have a stack of paintings at home, that I have yet to do anything with, and so felt a bit cluttered out, when I imagined taking home new ones. I especially liked the weird portrait of the couple. I wonder who they are and what they are doing now. And why is their painting being sold by gypsies?

The old city is full of interesting textures and odd little shops. In one area we found a whole bunch of cats that called the ruins their home, all I could think of was that they were a sort of modern day, smaller version of the lions that were used in the Roman circus. They looked a bit straggly, but clearly someone was looking out for them, as they had a bunch of food.

Just as we chose a place to eat, (yep remember the menu del dia, I was writing about?) the heavens opened and we ended up having lunch in one of the old Roman walls. Which was certainly preferable to being drenched. Lunch was good and the interesting surroundings even better.

On the way back to Barcelona, we took the scenic route along the coast. The way is super twisty and windy, and unfortunately our pregnant guest got a little carsick. Not all was to be lost however, and it meant that we made a sunset stop in the village of Garraf, one of my favourites. It’s a quick train ride south of Barcelona, or a beautiful car ride, and the tiny village is just lovely. The beach is lined with Casetes, which are little wooden beach houses all on stilts that were built by the railway workers when they were creating the train tracks that pass the village. We enjoyed a beer while the sun sank before we headed back to Barcelona.


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