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Give Away on LoveElycia

Today you can hop on over to Love Elycia, where we are doing a give away of prints and painted ceramics.

Since she lives in America land, you may have to wait a bit for her give away post to go live as the time difference means we are all awake before she is. Leave her a comment and you will stand a chance to win all these Kat Cameron goodies. Her blog is also filled with all sorts of fun adventures, and bright colours, and Lady Elycia is also a very clever drawer, plus did I mention she is a cat lover… pretty much checks all my boxes of cool.


15 thoughts on “Give Away on LoveElycia

  1. Hi! I came here via Elycia too, but I already knew your work :) I really like your “down the rabbit hole”! And I’m very jealous of you for living in Barcelona! I live in the cold, wet and boring Netherlands…

  2. I’m also here via Elycia’s blog. I’d never seen work of you before but I really love your style! I think that if I don’t win I know what to ask for Sinterklaas (Dutch variant of Christmas ;) ). Keep up the good work!


  3. I am so glad that Angie introduced us personally (over e-mail). I’ve loved ‘MissYucki’ for the longest time ever and now that I get to see everything else that you do and draw and create and make my eyes are much happier! Your work is lovely Kat, never stop!

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