Hello Jesus, Can I sit with you?

Hello Jesus, Can I sit with you?

The past 2 weeks have been quite crazy here in my little corner of the universe. I have just started a part time job, and have gone from having too much time on my hands to too little. Add to that a thousand projects that I have been working on in the mornings, and I have had no time for writing things on the internet.

But today I wanted to stop the madness and introduce you to my new JC Chair. My dad is probably cringing at the thought, but I just couldn’t resist. I bought this material in Johannesburg at one of the Shwe-Shwe shops in the city center with Alba ages and ages ago, and have been meaning to do something with it ever since. It smells deliciously waxy as all this type of material does, and brings me right back to Jo’burg and traisping the streets, tracking down mysterious goodies hidden in alleyways.

Finally I got around to snip sniping it, and it has made a fantastic covering for a chair that I had hanging around the house. I’ve never done this sort of upholstery before and if you look closely you can probably tell. Any professional chair coverer would probably have a heart attack. But armed with my trusty glue gun, Jesus and a few hours, I have fashioned a wondrous religious chair, which I plan to sit on while I speak on the telephone. So if you call me now, know that Jesus is listening too ;) And he isn’t a boring Jesus either, he has a lumo green river flowing out his heart, and some kind of lazer rays emitting from his hands, so watch out!

I should be back to regular blog updates, sometime after the weekend. And I have an exciting give away lined up for next week. Plus more Barcelona guides.


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