How to Hairbowify yourself

I was inspired by this cute hairstyle by Elycia, and thought I would illustrate her guide. Unfortunately this style did not really work in my hair, which is MUCH longer, layered and thick. My hairbow ended up looking more like a Hairbone. Anyway, if you have shoulder length or thinner hair, give this a shot, it’s a really cute style. I’m still going to attempt to figure out how to re-create it for thicker hair.

Instructions are simple enough. Make a high pony with an elastic, the last time you pull the hair through, leave a loop of hair, as if you were making a simple bun. Divide the bun into 2 halves and then bring the tail of hair from the back over the two halves of bun, secure with bobby pins. Elycia made a video to demonstrate the style, hop over to her blog to check it out!
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12 thoughts on “How to Hairbowify yourself

  1. hey!
    i have super long super thick hair and figured it out. follow the steps but instead of pulling the leftover hair over the top, braid it first. it makes it thinner, shorter and easier to pin. use a small barrette instead of a bobby pin and if there’s any leftover, pull it around the front and onto the side, and stick a hairpin in it near the band.

  2. This is perfect! Her video made quite the impression on me as well and to see it represented like this is awesome!

    You live in Barcelona! I am so jealous. I spent only 10 days there but wanted to never leave. You very talented lady:)

    • hey thanks. barcelona is great, i didnt like living here at first, a bit of a culture shock, but i love it now, so many new exciting things to see and do everyday! you should come back!

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