Oh Hi there!

Yesterday was quite a thrilling day for me. A post that I wrote about snorkelling in Thailand was featured on the freshly pressed section of the wordpress homepage. When I woke up for my morning computer/ coffee ritual, my inbox was flooded with emails informing me of comments and likes, and I was quite blown away. Not only do I now have a ridiculous spike in my dashboards hitcounter that completely shames all my other days, but I was most taken with the wordpress community.

I stalk around the internet quite a bit, usually while waking up in the morning. Bleary eyed, dressed in tousled pyjamas with the coffee mug positioned just so, I get my fill of crafty, amusing, interesting inspiration for the day. But it’s not very often that I leave a comment. It takes quite a while of revisiting the same blogs for me to tentatively extend a thought. I always assumed everyone was like me, but oh no! Not the wordpress community, you guys literally shook up my world, and your words of encouragement have really inspired me to do the same for others. So…

Hello & Welcome to my colourful world followers & friends, and thank you!

Grab a cuppa your favourite beverage and let me explain… Generally my blog is broken up into 3 sections: Illustration, Adventures and Inspiration. Every now and then I do an interview or give away which are normally illustration focused.

My adventures span everything from day to day life in Barcelona to trips to distant lands, expect lots of photographs, and sometimes little doodles. The illustration posts usually highlight my journey as a freelance artist & illustrator, I post process images, designs and illustrations, and exhibitions. Finally in the inspiration section I feature various illustrations, artworks, artists, design, books and photography that have caught my eye, I hope they catch yours too!

Here are some other posts on my blog that you may enjoy, do come back to say hello!

Adventure Highlights:
::A little photo log about a trip I took to Cape Town
::Photographs from a trip to the Kruger Park in South Africa
::A day trip to the Barcelona Zoo
::Talking about Thailand
::Angthong Marine Park

Inspiration Highlights:
::A fun inspiration post on the language of giraffes
::Illustration inspiration in the form of Frank Frazetta
::Owl DIY inspriation
::2 Inspiring Artists
::Advice on Freelancing

Illustration Highlights:
::Lights, Action, preparing for my new exhibition
::Sweet Streets exhibition in LA
::Drawing at Midnight
::Drawing Birds and Creatures


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