A little bird told me

It has been a while since I posted up some illustration inspiration, and even though I have mentioned one half of this creative duo before, I have been so impressed with Zosienka & Rosie, that I thought I would boast about my friend again. It’s so lovely to see when 2 clever people can combine efforts and imaginations to create a strong, symbiotic creative relationship. I think their collaboration is fantastic, both their styles effortlessly run together, without competing, but complimenting each other, and this is not something that is easy to do.

The idea of the collective is always something that has interested me. I recall that one of the biggest learning curves I had was when still at university, my entire art class had to combine efforts to create and curate an exhibition. I always find it fascinating how people work together, especially in the artistic realms where egos play such a huge part. It’s hard, sometimes, to reconcile your own thoughts, and allow concepts which may be extremely personal to co-exist with ideas from outside, but often this challenges us to produce something that is conceptually stronger and well thought out. Ideas born from two heads are often better than from one.

The creative world can be cut-throat and competitive, especially when many people are carving out a niche for themselves in the world. It can become quite scary, with your colleagues and competitors no longer only living in your town or city, but in the global village. It’s you against the world! The internet alley cat fights in the art world could get really nasty, but I have found that the most inspiring and amazing opportunities arise from this greater connectivity with the world. When people are positive about learning from their fellow artists and welcoming the chance to work with someone they admire and respect, the results can be wondrous indeed!

The fact that I am still able to work across oceans with my MissYucki partner Alba speaks of the wonders of internet, emails and skype chats at midnight. How many people have you connected with in your field via blogs, twitter and facebook pages? So even though being exposed to an overload of inspiration is sometimes quite daunting, the scope for collaboration and connection grows in parallel. And so I applaud successful collaborations, because no matter where we are, it’s always vital to learn from and inspire each other, just like Zosienka and Rosie have inspired me!

Their little heart fox hangs above my bed, along with a little birdie painted by Zosia that sits on the branch.


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