Living in Barcelona

Sunday in Barcelona

We had planned to take a jazz cruise to watch the annual Sky Exhibition above the seafront of Barcelona on Sunday, only to discover that the cruise left port at 6pm. So instead we grabbed a few bikes from the Bicing stops and rode down to the beach through the neighbourhood of Barceloneta, the old fishing village. The sun was shining and every now and then the roar of a fighter plane screamed overhead, flipping tricks in the sky. Barceloneta is a really cute area, and worth a bit of exploration. You will always find washing hanging to dry from the buildings and the humidity encourages the people to turn the streets into impromptu living spaces.

We reached the beach and enjoyed part of the show, watching various aeroplanes cavort and create shapes with plumes of smoke above the struggling surfers in the waves.
I always feel sorry for the Barcelona surfers, they wait so patiently for surf in the Mediterranean and when it comes, the waves are piffling, and the ride lasts less than 5 seconds. Compared to South Africa, well there is no comparison. I guess they will just have to look for the positive and the lack of man-eating sharks and freezing water should make them appreciate the seas of Barcelona, even if the waves are teeny tiny.

Later we drove up Montjuic to enjoy the sunset before we set off back home.

A lovely Sunday.


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