Living in Barcelona

At home most days

My new bedroom has a little balcony, where Milos and I snack on breakfasts in the morning and watch the parrots fly past in squawking green streaks. We finally moved out the overbearing cupboard and I love the fact that we have a whole other room for our clothes so that cupboards don’t clutter up the space. Our apartment is somewhat like a train, it’s long and narrow, stretching from one side of the building to the other. This makes for a challenging space to decorate. Next I have to tackle the long corridors. I’m hoping a new coat of paint will do the trick.

My favourite things in the room have to be the cloud chalk board and my branch where I hang all my plants. Each item has a special memory, and bits and pieces were collected all over the place. The bed is covered by a quilt that my granny spent 6 months making!

What are your decorating tips for challenging spaces, or narrow rooms?


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