Cute Illustration

Yesterday I was very excited to receive my copy of “Cute Illustration” another lovely book put together by Eva Minguet and Monsa. Today I browsed through the book while munching on my breakfast, and I can happily say it’s super! I’m honoured to have my artworks featured along with some of my favourite illustrators and artists, including Jaw Cooper and Amandine Urruty . With its colourful and decidedly pink cover and artwork by Yosuke Ueno, it grabs your attention immediately. The book is full of beautiful, unusual artworks covering styles from “Manga kawaii” to “naif”.

Thanks go to Eva and her team for compiling the book. Also “yay” to all the artists I’m proud to share pages with. There are some really fantastical illustrations, see if you can pick up the book at your local book store, or you can buy it directly from monsa. I was especially entranced by drawings by Veronica Fish and Marcos Chin.

A couple of the pages featuring my artworks.

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