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Koh Phangan, besides being an island dedicated to the moon, is the island of sunrises and sunsets. We mostly saw sunsets, as I’m not much of an early riser. In fact the only sunrise I saw was on Koh Tao, where the galloping giant geckos kept me up til the wee hours. The west coast is well known for incredible vistas of huge flaming sunsets over the Gulf and the Angthong Islands. Staying in Haad Khom, we missed most of the sunsets, as our little bay faced north, but there were some great views from the road above our hut at Coral Bay Bungalows and from their restaurant. Sipping on an ice cold beer while sunset watching is almost too much!

I think one of the views we enjoyed best was when we took an epic scooter ride to Than Sadet on the North East Coast of the island. This apparently is a favourite spot of the Thai kings and the river and waterfalls that lead down to the beach mean “Royal Stream” in Thai. We could immediately see why it’s so popular, the secluded and hard to reach spot is relatively quiet with bungalows built into the cliffs along the small bay which was perfect for swimming. If I did not enjoy snorkelling so much, I certainly would have liked to stay at this beach for a while.

We climbed to one cliff top restaurant and enjoyed some amazing views while munching on lunch. Butterflies, dragonflies and birds zipped by and the shouts and sounds from the surf and sand below drifted up to us.

When we went to Koh NangYuan to learn to dive we were treated to a few spectacular sunsets. The weather combined clouds and sky into a super kitsch painting for us. Of course the photos don’t really capture the astonishing sky, as only nature can create something so epic and with so many colours. Nature! You are embarrassing us artists!

Now that I have pasted up these photos, you can get a beer from the fridge and you don’t even have to leave the house to kick back and feel like you are enjoying some island views, vistas and sunsets with me. Cheers!


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