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Thai milk tea and other highlights

I have no idea how long it’s going to take to document our latest trip to Thailand, we took so many photos and had so many different experiences. Even though this was not so much an adventure as opposed to a relaxing holiday on the beach, and our third trip to this part of the world, Thailand never ceases to amaze! Case in point, let me introduce Thai milk tea. I’m going to have to find somewhere to buy this tea here, because it slipped my mind to purchase some while there. The tea is almost bright orange and served hot or cold, my favourite was having it made into an ice shake, perfect for the humidity!

Speaking of Orange, have a look at this:

This may have been Milos favourite part of Thailand: The Pancakes. All that orange? Mounds of butter used to fry the pancakes to delicious buttery oblivion. It was pretty hard to ignore peanut butter and banana pancakes while on holiday. Milos and I are on strict diets now, which is no easy thing, while looking at these photos.

All I’m thinking about is melting peanut butter in my mouth while perching on the back of a scooter as we zip past Thai gardens, palm trees, stilt houses and buffaloes on our way back to our seaside hut on haad khom. Which brings me back to hammock days and sipping on ice cold thai milkshakes.

We touched down in Bangkok, and it was not long before the torrential rain that we were warned about for the season sent us packing to Koh Phangan. I love Bangkok, the textures, colours, food, I think I ate two street vendor Phad Thais in the first ten minutes, but the rain cramped our style a bit, and so we put Bangkok off until the last few days of our trip.

The trek to the bus made us glad that we had backpacks rather than suitcases on wheels as some of the travellers did, because the water was literally up to our knees! My Jetlag was so bad, I wasn’t able to catch a wink of sleep all night! We lucked out though and got the front seats on the double decker bus, so I was able to watch night-time thailand flash past and we travelled down the bottle neck of the country to Chumporn. Highlights of the journey included seeing a giant statue of an eagle with its eyes lit up guarding a large villa, and the wonton soup at 3am pitstop (this is an experience in itself).

When we finally arrived in Koh Phangan, we took a taxi straight to Haad Khom on the North Coast. This after discovering that our original favourite, Koh Ma diving resort had closed down. Haad Khom, even though it was our second choice, turned out to be marvellous.

Koh Phangan is well known among backpackers for being the centre of the Fullmoon parties which bring tens of thousands of travellers to the islands each month. Funnily enough, on the three occasions we have been on the island, we never got around to attending the party, there are just so many other things that took precedence in our eyes. Things like messing about underwater with our new fancy plaything: an olypus tough; scootering around the island with the towering rainforest flitting past; exploring the temples and beaches, and trying every different curry imaginable.


2 thoughts on “Thai milk tea and other highlights

  1. He milosh and cat,

    I ended up reading your website today, as I was having a coffee break. I am happy to read stories like this. I am reminding myself on how I tried to enjoy life fullest when being in Asia, and how easy it was :) I am v happy to read the happy moments u experienced and .. the pureness of everyday joy in the smallest things. Thnx also for these lovely pics.


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