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Valles Orientals

The best way to combat returning home from holiday blues, is to take another holiday! We arrived back in time from Thailand with our body clocks wound to the future. But waking up before the sunrise gave me plenty of time to pack for Milos’ dad’s birthday weekend, which we set off for on the 2nd of September. Along with some friends and family we stayed at Can Mestres in the Catalunyan Valles Orientals.

The whole valley smelled like ripe figs, and the house which I believe existed since the 1600s was built out of rosy coloured sandstone. We felt as if we had woken up in some sort of movie, you know the kind, filled with sun and fresh produce, and large lunches under the trees. I think I may have to make this my routine way of recovering from the shock of arriving back home after every trip!

We had horses and chickens visit us, and roosters woke us up in the mornings. I think we all felt spoilt like fat cats, and Can Mestres certainly served up a fantastic weekend.

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