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Galloping Geckos and Giant Squids

The most recent leg of our escapade has been to Koh Nangyuan (Koh if I never mentioned before, means island in Thai). Nangyuan is almost a swim away from Koh Tao and we signed ourselves up for an open water diving course. Determined to get over my fear of dark water and giant squids, it took me a while to figure out that diving is pretty awesome. Yes I’m sure every diver out there will be quite quick to point out that that statement was rather obvious, but to me, it seemed like rather a long shot, when I was perfectly happy with just snorkeling. No chance of giant squids snorkeling, although dark water does seem to loom at the edges of the reef, but that’s ok I can stay quite far away from the edge!

I’m happy to say though that the experience, although daunting, and quite strenuous, has paid off in the extreme, and now I seem to be just fine with dark water, which was proven again this morning when I swam past a small reef shark and did not hyperventilate and swallow enough seawater to drown an elephant! Exciting stuff this! It’s almost impossible to be South African and not afraid of Sharks. I also seemed to have the squid fear nicely harnessed after watching a group of cuttlefish change colour like a TV screen.

I cannot say I’m too excited about sharing my bungalow on Koh Tao with some giant geckos, yes I believe 4 of them, all about 30cm long, live behind my bathroom mirror. They stare at us, licking their eyeballs, and then gallop around the bungalow at night. Making gallumping croaking noises, and generally having a party. Lets hope the mosquito net above the bed keeps them and the mosquitoes out!


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