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Mu Angthong Marine Park, Thailand.

Green, the colours of Angthong Archipelago, the seawater, the palm trees, the beetles, the mosquito repellent. Different shades from turquoise to teal, colours reflected back to me from my hammock, between my toes and sunbeams.

Monkey swings and spectacled says hello at 5am through my tent wall, gecko feet traipse the dabbled camoflage and life slows in the Marine park.

A trip into the Archipelago of Angthong in the gulf of Thailand costs about 200 baht. We camped for three nights on Koh Wua Talap, where the main parksboard facility is based. We pretty much had the island to ourselves after 4pm when all the tour boats from Koh Phangan and Koh Samui had retreated with roars into the hazy distance, only to return again at 11am the next morning.

The island is not quite my idea of secluded escapism during lunchtime, when screaming hordes of beach day trippers take over, and we rented a kayak for one of the days to paddle and forage in quieter bays. But as afternoon draws to an end, the beach of Wu Talap is serene and you could float in the water and gaze at the limestone cliffs that rise up 200m and imagine yourself alone on the planet, or possibly in a very large bathtub surrounded by jungle. The water in fact is so warm that I have heard reports in Koh Tao and Koh Phangan that the sharks are leaving and the coral dying. :(

Tomorrow we travel to Koh Nang Yuan to (attempt in my case) to learn to dive, snorkeling so far in the delicious shades of warm emerald water has not seemed to have scared all the marine life away, and the octopus garden we found in Koh Phangan is a story for another day!

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