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After a near miss with our flight, countless hours in a tiny Austrian airlines (not recommended for long distance) seat which seemed left over from the 60s and strange triangle shaped food, we have landed in Bangkok. I could have kissed the ground. And quite rightly so, as the troubles we had with our flight seemed like some sort of otherworldly warning not to fly… Luckily it all turned out fine, and here we are in one piece in Thailand!

It is the beginning of our official honeymoon. The weather is humid and muggy with a slight drizzle, perfect tropicalness, I have already eaten 2 50 cent pad thais (delicious) ignored the offer to have my feet exfoliated by fish and made friends with the hotel kitten. It is time to unwind. Good bye world, so long!

But sweet internet readers, I will not leave you in the lurch, in the meantime, you can peruse my new tumblr of eye candy, or read some of my popular posts (Here,Here, and Here), or check out some of my favorite internet reads:

Hither & Thither – Fantastic Travel Guides and Adventures from expecting couple Ashley and Aron Bruhn
Geninnes Art Blog – Wonderful inspiration from artist Geninne who lives in Mexico, stunning creatures, colours and patterns abound!
All you can eat for free – amusing ramblings and recipes that make you want to stuff your face and laugh at the same.

There is more, in the list on my blog, so you will have to come and see (for all you email subscribers). Take care out there, see you next time there is a downpour and I find myself in an internet cafe!


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