Ink Rocks

It has been a lazy Sunday, we were supposed to go to the beach, to one of my favourites: Santa Christina, and little hidey hole cove up on the coast, north from Barcelona… but plans changed and we stayed home. I ended up painting pebbles I picked up in Cadaques last Wednesday with my parents. Something about painting on rocks just makes me draw birds and patterns. Also writing about painting on rocks makes me want to make lame jokes about rocking out and stuff, which is rather a bad idea.

And did you know it’s July already… seems like I just found out… this definitely means I need a new desktop calendar, and so you guys can have one too. If you’re a little more on top of your 2011, you’ll probably already have one, but if it doesn’t have cacti on it, it cannot be as great as this free-for-your-computer-face calendar, so HAH!

Click the pic and set as desktop or do your apple magic stuff….


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