Living in Barcelona

Sweets and Spikes

It’s that time of year again, the figs in and around Barcelona are perfect for preserve making. This year coincided with my parents trip to Barcelona and so my mom helped me make this batch. You can get the recipe here for the preserve. Today I snacked on some for lunch and I think they turned out the best yet! There is nothing quite as delicious as the sweet taste of a green fig and goats cheese, yes yes!

We also took a trip to the cactus garden when we were out picking said figs. Aren’t the colours just so summery! The cactus garden has been closed for the last 3 years and Milos and I have been keeping our beady eyes on the notice board, waiting for it to open, finally it has and it makes an incredibly worthwhile trip. Located on the seaward facing side of Montjuic in Barcelona, you feel as if you are transported to the deserts of Mexico. The catci are huge, and ever so spiky! While we were there we oggled one of the largest cruise ships in the world, that had pulled into the port, the Norwegian Epic. Angie Pants, I think you need to be wearing your fendi resort wear on this boat, no jokes!!!

The cacti reminded me so much of the patterns of a ring that I just ordered off etsy. Custom created by Frozen fire, it’s like a small succulent garden or coral garden frozen into a glass orb. Unfortunately the ring size was wrong, but Mr Frozenfire will be resizing it, then I can prance around the cactus garden with my ring, while eating figs… hmmm good plan!

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