Living in Barcelona

Home Alone with Ester on Sant Joan

A little bird threw two fun parties this past weekend, which was the long weekend of Sant Joan* in Barcelona. She has been a busy bee, redoing her apartment, getting paint under her nails, attaching shelves and light fixtures and pretty much turning her teeny tiny apartment into a wonder of wonders!
Have a looksee, and see what I mean! Then if you enjoy looking at pictures of interiors like I do, you can scramble on over to her blog, and see her collections of Empty Rooms.

And this is me, walking home after the partytime, making silly faces next to cupcakes.

*Sant Joan, by the by, is a crazy day filled with exploding fireworks and mayhem. The festival of Saint John the Baptist. In Spain and Barcelona Sant Joan is an annual festival, originally a pagan festival that marks the start of the summer, and the midsummer solstice celebration, which is the day that has the most daylight hours in the year. People light fireworks in the streets and burn things, a day of cleansing. And for the dogs of Barcelona, a day of ear-ache! The walk to Ester’s house from mine, was like walking through a war zone, firecrackers booming and flashing on every corner. See here for more details.


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