cactus girls

I have been invited to participate in a “Secret Postcard” exhibition. Each artist invited, creates a postcard or two, and signs and titles the works on the back of the card. Each card is then sold for the same amount, all are original works, and you only find out who is the artist once you turn your card over. The exhibition line up is a mish mash of up and coming artists, illustrators, and some well known names, including Anthony Hopkins, yep I didn’t know he painted either! All the proceeds go to a charity, and I think its quite a fun way to buy mystery art!

My works were inspired by cactus gardens, and the lovely illustrations I found on the cover of an old “Tu y La Naturaleza” book. I’ll keep you posted on the details of the show when it comes along… My post cards are not finished yet, I’ll put up final images after the show!

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