Fake it till you make it.

A friend on Facebook linked to this article on confidence and artistic advice by Austin Kleon. It really stuck with me, especially the quote and story about Patti Smith above. I have often found myself in this position. There is a first time for everything, and in the competitive creative world, it’s all about making it. I was discussing just this with my friend Lita Bosch as we created a poster for the club party at Shoko for the Swab art festival.

It’s all about confidence really, isn’t it. I think we all feel a little unsure of ourselves when approaching a new project, and often this can get in the way of producing something marvellous without really thinking. If you believe in yourself and your ability, creating the work, selling the concept and finalizing the idea, all comes naturally. And if a little pretence can give you that nudge to believe in yourself, your craft and your ability, it won’t be long before you are actually the expert you were playing at in the beginning.

My friend needed a little pep talk to nudge herself in the right direction, she has all the skills and talent for the job, but didn’t really trust herself yet, Patti Smith’s story was just the trick, and it’s nice to know that you don’t have to wake up a genius to make it in the end, and that most, if not all, artists need sometimes to fake it too!


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