What a Hoot!

I created a new window display for Milos’ Guitar Studio. It was quite fun thinking up a concept and working out how to execute it. Window displaying is way more difficult than it looks, but heaps of fun too… I’m going to start creating different displays on a regular basis I think! What do you think of the owls and mice?


9 thoughts on “What a Hoot!

  1. Love it! your attention to detail to beautiful (the little mice on the strings) and the overall (on the ‘macro’ level) picture draws you in to finding the little micro treasures like the patterns on the owls wings as he strums the guitar and the mice in the teacups! As exclaimed by Rachel: “awesome’!

  2. friend, i would love to do window displays with no budget restrictions or rules. ha! as if that is ever going to happen.

    you did well, love the theme and the execution.

    nice work xx

    • Haha, actually the budget on this one couldn’t have been more than R100 – mini guitar not included obviously… just think what we could do without a restriction whooo!

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