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Wedding Weekend at Mvubu Lodge, South Africa

Ok I have about a million, really I’m not kidding, photos of the wedding. Almost everyone who came had a camera and snapped away for the whole weekend. This meant that everything was documented, often from about 5 different angles at the same time, it also meant that it was, and still is a huge task going through each photo and trying to choose and narrow down a selection for my sister Hayley to put together in a book. This post is photo heavy, and trust me, it’s a mere smidgen of the photos I liked. Thank goodness I’m not a wedding photographer, editing is a crazy, crazy thing! Anyway I hope you enjoy, and I did not over do it too much!

The trip down to the Pongola Reserve, took 9 hours for some, as the roads were interesting to say the least, however I think everyone relaxed once they arrived and soon forgot the long trip. Milos and I had woken up very early to get there before everyone else, and so we missed the worst of the traffic.

We were pleased to see the “owl” signs on the road as we travelled down from Johannesburg to Ermelo, and felt it was rather a good omen, since owl motifs had been used in all the stationary and we had had owl lanterns especially made for the wedding. (see the post on the wedding preparation) Finally we were driving along the border between Swaziland and South Africa and the game reserve came into view over a rise in the road.

The weekend was a blast, 3 days of sunshine, big skies, far reaching vistas, smiles, laughter, stuffing our faces with yummy food, too much cake, home made ginger cookies, creatures, an entire beautiful lodge all to ourselves, game drives, good friends, family, plenty of wine, the river, elephants, crocodile canoeing, and the list goes on and on.

We were met by the delightful lodge managers, and shown to our rooms, where we gazed out over the fantastic view over the Pongola River. After un-dusting ourselves, we unpacked and left everyone their welcome surprise packs, with the weekend’s program, a customised bottle of wine, home made lemon curd and rusks in their chalets.

It was not long before our friends and family began to arrive. the sun set and dinner time was announced with beating drums by the chef and we were all treated to a fantastic meal around a fire with my sisters and Milo’s dad and sister singing Serbian folksongs by the firelight. The next day we relaxed at the pool after brunch, and my mom asked everyone to carve a monkeynut for us. The green nuts are easy to carve and when they turn brown they make beautiful decorative items for your home. At around 2pm we started to get ready for the wedding.

I was quite nervous and a glass of wine on the balcony with my sisters settled my nerves as they helped me get ready. Before I knew it, it was time to meet Milos and after almost 10 years together, officially tie the knot!

The rest of the day was a blur of memories! The hot sun, a sun shower (monkey’s wedding in South African) during the ceremony was a brief relief! Telling each other we are each other’s greatest fan. Eating the heart shaped ginger cookies, especially made for us by my aunt, with a stunning view and rosé after the ceremony. A game drive to the top of the mountain, owl lanterns glinting at dinner, laughing at the terrible(ly funny) speeches, and finally to a bed covered, secretly, in sparkles and chocolates!

My sisters treated me to a Japanese manicure and deco nails the week before the wedding, and I continued the tradition my sister began at her wedding by having a photo taken of my mom, my gran, with our hands together.

The wedding decor was set up by my mom and aunt, who had brought a whole box of fynbos and interesting things from the Botanical garden in Betty’s bay. The wedding cake was also made by my aunt, she hand painted icing moths and covered our wedding cake, which was a carrot cake, with the beautifully crafted moths. One of them had guitars painted on the wings, for Milos. They had a fine dusting of icing glitter, and looked really lovely!

The next day, we had a marvellous brunch, and in the afternoon went on a sundowner cruise on the river and up into the Pongola dam. We saw hippo, crocs, and antelope on the shore, and enjoyed the sun setting over the water and the Pongola Bridge.

The following day, after an early morning canoe trip, we sadly said goodbye to Mvubu lodge. Milos and I headed to the South Coast and everyone else up to Johannesburg. It had been a fantastic long weekend!

More photos here, if you like :)
Thanks to everyone who came, and helped, and enjoyed and took photos!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend at Mvubu Lodge, South Africa

  1. Congradulations! The pictures are great and the presentation even better! I wish you both all the best…

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