coelacanth snorkelling

Coelacanths are really weird, thought to be extinct these Dinosaur fishies were discovered again in the 1930s off the coast of South Africa. They are pretty creepy looking with their strange fins and odd scale like bodies. Super fun to draw though!

Inspired by a request on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “coelacanth snorkelling

  1. mmmm…such an emotion! Kat, I found your work through Envelop…that pillow of the dancers…will buy it someday! And since that moment I was a big fan of your work! Love this drawing! x Kathy

  2. Hey kat!

    Its beautiful, like a dream!

    Did you know that not only were they discovered off the coast of South Africa but now people scuba dive with them here. They are really deep, in the 100 meter zone, and only for extremely experienced Technical divers. One day I hope to dive with them. Until then I can just look at this pic and dream ;-)


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