Gracia Festival

I entered the Gracia Festival Poster competition. It was almost on a whim, a friend emailed me a notice with the final date for handing in, and this was all the info I had to go on. When I finally rushed to give my poster to the appropriate person, I was informed that I needed to go back and fill out forms and a thousand other small things.

Luckily I found out I still had a few hours to complete these tasks, and spent the rest of the afternoon mounting my illustration and filling out said forms. Guess I was too busy drawing to have found out more info! It was then that I discovered that the prize for the competition was 2500 Euros. Hello! Perhaps if I had known this, I would have spent more time on my artwork, but I also may have been quite intimidated and so in some ways I am glad that this was information I only found out after the fact.

I used the traditional devils they have at the festival as a starting point, and the Placa Villa De Gracia and its Clock tower as inspiration. The fireworks and Catherine wheels that the devils carry in their “corre foc” or fire run were a main element and were a fun use of colour. I’ll find out on the 13th of May who won the competition. I’m not expecting much, but wish me luck!


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