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Transkei (Part III) South Africa

The final instalment of the memories of our trip to the Transkei in March. Read Part I and Part II.

Our last day was a bit overcast, but this did not deter us from exploring further up the beach at Hluleka and along the river.

I love scratching through all the bits and pieces in the sand, and collecting glass, shells and driftwood. Although we didn’t take anything, Hluleka being a reserve, we did have some fun finds: a whole lightbulb filled with seawater, and a white Knight chesspiece, I wonder how these two survived the pounding waves?

The beaches at Hluleka were filled with nooks and crannies created by the strange rocks, and we were eventually beaten by them, when we came across an impassable crack! We headed back to the chalets, and relaxed for the rest of the day, not looking forward to our trip home the next day.

After a late lunch we went for another drive along the roads in the reserve and were spoiled by the resident herd of zebras grazing right next to us on the hill.

We watched the waves, trying in vain to spot dolphins or whales, and then headed back to our beds.

The next day we began the long trip back to Johannesburg, about a 12 hour drive, however we didn’t make it all the way back, due to some crazy thunderstorms and rain, and had to stop over in Bloemfontein. The next day we finally found ourselves in Joburg, wishing that we were still in the Transkei. The next day we packed up and flew back to Barcelona! Our thoughts ever turning to wondering when the next trip would be!


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