Living in Barcelona

Easter Egg Smash: Serbian Traditions

We had an unusually full Easter this past weekend. Milos’ father enjoyed a reunion with his first son, who came to visit with his family. There were plenty of kids running around hunting for eggs, too much food to be eaten, and lots of Barcelona exploring. My new family swelled from 5 to 13 and it was quite funny to watch how they slowly got used to the bigger number, it made me miss my big family at home, but I think if we had had 7 more, we literally wouldn’t have been able to move in my house, which is rather narrow.

It was lots of fun, and this Easter weekend happened to have St. Jordi day too. St. Jordi is the Catalan patron saint, St George in English. You can see his influence in Casa Batllo by Gaudi in Barcelona, where the entire roof is designed to look like dragon scales, from the famous story where St George killed the Dragon.

St Jordi day is celebrated a bit like Valentines Day, women gift the men in their lives books, and all the girls receive roses. (Although I was lucky to get roses and a book, hah!) It’s quite fantastic to wander around the city on this day, as stalls are set up everywhere in the streets selling roses and books, and literally thousands of people are wondering around with flowers or their noses in pages.

Milos mom dyed Easter eggs in onion skins and I painted them afterwards in ink. We played a Serbian Easter game, where you take an egg and smash it against your opponents egg, whoever’s egg survives wins, and goes on to challenge another egg wielder. My egg did not fare so well, and I promptly ate it. Except for the yellow inside part which I don’t like!

What did you do for your Easter weekend?


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