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Wedding Preparations

Our wedding in South Africa, although small, was quite a feat to organise from Spain. We had plenty of help from various family members, and although the communication was sometimes tricky with about a bazillion emails back and forth, we would not have been able to have such a fantastic weekend wedding without all of their help. Thanks everyone!!

After finally picking a venue, I got to work on my wedding invitations. I drew the little owls on the tandem bicycle, and then painted them in watercolours.

The owls became a running theme throughout all the stationary and other elements at the wedding. They were printed onto labels for bottles of wine, which went into welcome packages in each person’s room, as well as an animation on the small website I created to give my guests more info on our registry and the venue, including directions etc. I also printed a set of the illustrations, some of them owls, to gift to everyone who attended the wedding, and my family managed to make a whole bunch of origami owls, which were attached to branches as decoration.

We had wire owls created with the help of my new mom-in-law and my mom who covered each one in paper, to turn them into lanterns. I really liked how each one turned out differently. They all had such strange expressions, and were perfect as they glowed and flickered during the wedding dinner. We spent a whole afternoon papering them, with wallpaper glue and recycled paper. They have lovely red beaded beaks. One really large one was also created for Milos and I to take home, although it’s actually sitting in Johannesburg right now, as I think the people at the airport may have had heart attacks, if we had tried to carry so much bendy wire onto the aeroplane.

My sister Hayley helped to design the invitations, and wedding program. She makes great wedding stationery, if you are in South Africa, and are getting married give her a call!

I used a photograph I had taken on the floor of my apartment, with some knicknacks, including a saké box, which Milos and I received at a wedding we attended in Japan, a small clay piglet my mom made out of clay when we took a trip to the Ebro Delta near Barcelona, a plastic giraffe given to me by my dear friend Ester and coral we picked up in the Philippines. There were also buttons, and a mini cup of espresso, which Milos and I both love to drink, and finally a little notepad with a scribbled list of essential items for the wedding :) Basically a bunch of memories from our travels together, including the wedding weekend itself.

Many of my illustrations were incorporated, as gifts and on thank you tags. I liked that I could make many elements personal, and include my passion for drawing. We spent ages running around to different printers to get them printed. Seriously printers are the bane of my life! haha!

Along with the wine, my mom created home made lemon curd, and little packets of rusks. Milos mom bought some delicious dried meat and chocolates, and each item was included in a lovely package that each guest found in their room. The snacks were included so that no one got peckish during the day in between meal times. It was super nice to relax on our balconies with rusks and coffee in the mornings, while taking in the view.

Hayley made little wax labels on the top of each lemon curd jar, and we pressed in Milos and my initials with a custom made stamp. The wax seal and stamp was also used on our invitations. The gold wax was lots of fun, and how clever that it came in little sticks, so that you could use a glue gun to melt the wax. If you plan on doing this, the wax melts fast, so you have to be super quick….

More wedding related stuff later!


8 thoughts on “Wedding Preparations

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  5. We really love your drawings, so adorable! :)
    We always loved owls and when we started thinking and planning our tandem bike trip, it was quite obvious to become the Tandem Owls :-)

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