Living in Barcelona

the 6th time’s the killer

Yes, I cannot quite believe it, but in the last 3 years I have moved house six times. This time round I have taken photos to remind myself, perhaps, that moving really is quite horrible. Having to fit everything I own into different size rooms, shuffling it all around. It was exciting the first few times, but now, all I want to do is sleep or ignore it. Yesterday I developed nausea, perhaps related to the move, perhaps related to something I ate at IKEA, I prefer to blame the move. >:)

Anyway this will explain the lack of journal updates, I just couldn’t really lift myself out of moving stupor to type anything, and also my laptop was hidden behind a pile of boxes about 3 storeys high. Now I am slowly going through the process of throwing out everything I haven’t used in 2 years. This is a hard thing to do for a hoarder, especially since I always I think I can use the stuff in the future for some project or other. Not this time no siree! It’s all going in the bin! Wish me luck!

Have you got any moving house stories?


2 thoughts on “the 6th time’s the killer

  1. Moving well, you already know. Perhaps your new home will offer something unexpected and exciting. One thing’s for sure, moving changes one’s perspective and feeds creativity ..that’s after a couple of good night’s sleep. Best.

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