As some of you may know, I got married in South Africa last month. We had a fantastic weekend wedding with close friends and family and it was really awesome, although I’m pretty sure every bride says that about her wedding. But no, really, it was lovely, filled with laughter, sunshine and the perfect location. Anyway more on that later, it is taking ages to process all the photographs so I really am only able to do it in increments between other things that are taking up my time right now.

But I did want to show the little boxes I made for my sisters, and my new sister :) I didn’t go the traditional route and make them all bridesmaids, in fact I didn’t have any bridesmaids, but I did want to honour the fact that they were my sisters, old and new, and that’s a pretty cool thing, so I created each one a little personally painted box for them to keep their knicknacks in, and painted 4 moth cards to tell them how awesome they are.

The above photo is a process shot of the moth cards. I spent a lovely day with my sisters and my mom busy putting together various elements for the wedding, and while they were busy I cut out and put together the cards I had just painted. That odd fruit next to the moths is a tree tomato. It’s pretty yummy, sort of has a similar but more bitter taste than that of a granadilla.


4 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. fabulous!!! just found your blog. i absolutely love your header. I can’t wait to read through the archives :)

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