Back to Drinking Cafe Americanos

Hello everyone, yes, I am back in the Northern Hemisphere. After a short but delightfully sweet trip to South Africa, I find myself in Barcelona, once again sipping on Cafe Americanos amongst the cities pigeons and parrots. It’s good to be back, but slightly strange to not be on holiday, although lucky for me, I’m not back to any hectic amount of work just yet.

This is an illustration I did for the cover of the Barcelona Metropolitan this month. I am their April Featured artist, and will go and track down a copy for myself in a little while. The illustration depicts me sitting at an imaginary cafe somewhere in Barcelona. I created the scene from a number of photographs I had taken around the city, so its a conglomeration of streets, alleys and corners.

Typical of Barcelona, are the Gaudi influences in the patterns and mosaics, the Balcony above my head and the Pharmacy light. Plus I added in a bat eared French Bulldog of which there must be about a billion living in my neighbourhood alone. The illustration was based on my “what I wore” series, so it’s quite loose and sketchy. They wanted the cover colourful, because although the trees are turning golden in Johannesburg where I have just jetted in from, Barcelona is deep into Spring! Yipeee!

If you do live in Barcelona, go grab your free copy now, or you can see the full mag on their website.


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