Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away

My Bags are packed and I’m about to scurry out the door to catch my plane to South Africa. I don’t particularly like travelling in aeroplanes, they are just too bumpy for my liking, yes yes, I know the statistics speak in favour of them, but I imagine all sorts of horrors every time we go through a particularly nasty cloud. I do wish that there was some kind of radio you could switch to, and get continual updates on all the bumps and what they are, like “Just passed through some patches of cold air, this causes the aeroplane to adjust slightly…” or “Speeding up now for…(whatever reason)…Decelerating now because…” . I think I would feel way more comfortable in this fantastic real life “Up” house. Or Maybe not? Anyway, I loved this version created by National geographic, and if you haven’t yet seen the movie, WHY EVER NOT? It’s superb!


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