Painting owls

A few nights ago I found myself drawing owls.

Yep, owls are pretty much my favourite. I like how you don’t see them that often, and generally when you do, it’s quite exciting, well to me anyway. I like how they are secret and silent, and when they do call, it’s either super creepy, or mournful, evoking stories told at midnight next to the camp fire, or reading secretly, when you’re a kid after lights out, with a torch, under the bedspreads. They are quite magical, with their large eyes and painted feathers.

Last night I went to see the animation Rango which was too much fun, especially since I have been on a western music kick lately, listening to tons of Ennio Morricone, and the Mariachi Owls that narrate the film are just great. The closing illustration sequence is also not to be missed. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any images online of it, but if it is showing in a theatre near you, go and see it!


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