Cat Rabbit on a gloomy day

I have been feeling a tad under the weather this week, and I just can’t seem to shake the grumps that have been lurking in the corners, no amount of mindless movie watching, book reading, blog writing, drawing, painting seems to be helping. I’m not usually a depressed person so this dip in my happiness vibes is really bugging me and I feel weird and out of sorts. Most likely it can all be easily explained away by the amount of important things on my plate at the moment, and the frustrating thing is, all of these things can only be dealt with at the appropriate time, so I have to wait and feel nervous and disorganised… cryptic yes I know, but right now I don’t feel like explaining, and so instead want to introduce you to something awesome that managed to distract me from my troubles somewhat.

And that something is the incredible Cat-Rabbit. I was completely blown away by these plush wonders, I love the rabbits, no the owls, no the cats, argh I cannot choose, each one has so much character and are so well made. Now I just have to save up some more so I can get my sticky hands on one of these.

Cat-rabbit is created by a very clever, very mysterious girl in Hobart Melbourne. The website featuring the plush toys is most excellently designed, and you can browse in moments of wonder in Cat-Rabbit’s flickr, etsy shop and facebook. Everything is handmade and unique, and yes OK YES CLICK NOW!!!


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