New Bags for your Shoulder and Pillows for your Head

I have a bunch of new Envelop designs for sale, first up my illustration of my imaginary French Bulldog Fromage. One day when I have my own permanent house in a permanent country filled with Bengal and Siamese Kitties, I will introduce Fromage to the family for real. But for now he lives in my head.

For now though, you can join me and we can all carry Fromage around on our shoulders, he can help us with our shopping, and we can look super cool in the park, and all the other dog owners will be very jealous of us, yes!

Next up we have my little fox riding a bike painting, he is seriously cute, just look how he is trying to escape that rain cloud! This is the perfect bag for rainy days!

And for all of you sailing fanatics (Dad I’m talking about you!) Why not pack your togs and ropes and sunscreen in this fancy little tote bag? It will match your sailor hats and white sneakers. Then you can sail away on a sea of ink in your paper boat!

And after you’re all tired out with carring your shopping, you can come home and rest your heads on these pillow cases, YAY!

All of the above items ar for sale in my Envelop shop, along with loads more, go check it out!


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