Sagrada Parrots

Here is a new Barcelona themed illustration that I have been working on. It would seem I have a thing for girls riding on big birds over cities, it may be the start of an interesting series. I also made a process animation, influenced by the process shots here.

What do you think? The parrots in Barcelona are one of my favourite things, and were one of the bright spots in a rather gloomy beginning of my Barcelona Adventure. I remember arriving, getting horribly sick, getting lost in Eixample every day, dark winter days, everyone wearing black, not a good start to my stay really. And then in flew a squawk of parrots, past my balcony each day, careening down between the buildings, a bright flash of verdant green bringing a noisy colourful spark of joy to my otherwise miserable homesick for Japan days.

Indeed those parrots were my sacred parrots, and here I draw them now. :)


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