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Last Minute Pyrenees Adventure : Spain

On Saturday we took advantage of the fact that Milos had less work, and planned a last minute Skiing trip in the Pyrenees. The mountain range is pinched between France and Spain, and runs along the border right through Andorra and on into Basque country. This ancient mountain range rolls into sideways layers and is a grand daddy mountain compared to the Alps. As you drive through the passes in the lower hills you can see how the sediments have been squashed up, forming quite beautiful stripey cliffs, dotted with pine trees.

The trees themselves have donated their top branches to very scary looking nests of caterpillars, which bring to mind some sort of cocoony horror film. Every time I have seen them, I can’t help but envision this episode of the x-files, which clearly left a mark on my fragile teenage mind. Apparently plagues of these caterpillar nests have been known to infest certain areas of the mountains. I’ve seen them on trips before and actually assumed they were spider nests.


As freaky as they looked as we drove through the night towards our final destination, a little internet research today turned up one redeeming factor, and that is, the manner in which these creepy crawlies get around. Head to tail, they march around from tree to tree. Have a peek at the video below to see what I mean. They are not called Processionary caterpillars for nothing.

They sting, so don’t touch them ok.

We left late and arrived at Marc’s Dad’s holiday home at around twelve pm. Undeterred we cracked open some beer and played a board game called Bioviva, in which you had to answer environmental questions, and received biopuntas (bio points) if you turned off lights, and made sure no taps were dripping. It was quite fun, and I learned the word for Bat which is Murciélago.

Eventually we fell into bed, and awoke the next morning to a perfect crisp winters day. I opened the shutters on our bedroom window and the view was lovely. We had a good breakfast, grabbed our ski gear and hit the slopes.

After an awesome day skiing at “La Masella”, one of the Catalan Skiing Areas, where we saw eagles, hawks, and cute mountain goats while zipping down the pistas, we took a drive around the little towns in the valley, and ended up at a restaurant where we stuffed our faces with a three course meal of Catalan Lamb, goats cheese and mushroom caneloni. All in all a perfect last minute adventure. Here’s to hoping the next one comes along soon!

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