Illustration Inspiration:: Richard Wilkinson

I remember seeing Mr. Wilkinson’s work a while ago and his giraffe was certainly the inspiration for one of my MissYucki illustrations. Then the other day I visited his blog and was pretty much blown away by his bird illustrations. Yes I’m still trying to find all the pieces of me, which have been scattered across my living room. Yes ok, it’s true, the things he does with birds and photoshop have just put me to shame! I hang my head! I’m going to have to pull my socks up, it would seem I have quite a bit to learn when it comes to digital painting. Anyway, feast your eyes on these wonderful animations he put together of his works in progress.

And if you happen to read this ever Richard Wilkinson, put these birdies in your shop, and also I would LOVE to interview you. I may even send you an email, after I have recovered and am not in such a state of awe ;)

Check out Richards website and blog!

3 thoughts on “Illustration Inspiration:: Richard Wilkinson

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