Illustration inspiration:: Amy Ross

I have not done an artist inspiration post in awhile, but I have a few delicious illustrators and artists I wanted to share. I came across them in random places on the wonderful library that is the world wide web and they are certainly inspiring. Their art offers the perfect eye candy, and I would be quite happy munching on it all day.

The first is Amy Ross, and by golly her paintings are just lovely. They combine animals and birds and plants in the most curious ways to create new fantasy creatures. You should definitely browse her website and blog, and I believe she has stuff for sale online at very affordable prices.

She states on her website, “I am interested in the idea of artist as mad scientist. My drawings offer visual hypotheses to the question: what would happen if the DNA sequence of a plant or mushroom were spliced with that of an animal?”

I am particularly in love with her mushroom birds.


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