Living in Barcelona

Sunday Drives

I can’t get enough of the Sunday Drive. And really it makes up for the lack of long distance travel in my life right now. Although to many people I may seem like I am perpetually travelling just by living in a country different to my own. Jump in the car, pick a direction, go!

Today in the newspaper “20 Minutes” I read that this weekend brought in a record number of private jets, and about 800 limousines are cruising the city of Barcelona because of the annual mobile conference. This would explain the good number of aeroplane watchers that we ran into on our excursion to the strange a desolate beach that runs along behind the airport on Sunday.

The whole area has been cultivated into a leisure centre for cycling, rollerblading, bird watching, and yes, plane watching. With little well placed turrets and chairs available for you to sit back and watch the 3 planes that come in every 10 minutes, if you’re into identifying Easy jet, Vueling, Ryan Air, Spanair aeroplanes, this is the place to be.

The beach was nice too, and I filled my pockets with about a ton of rounded pebbles and sandblasted glass fragments.


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