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Happy Valentines Day, and Oh! A give away!

It’s a super gloomy day here in Barcelona. A big storm is on its way, and it’s the perfect weather for snuggling, so if you can, skip work, get your best snuggler, that could be a person, pet or hot water bottle, get under some blankets, find a good movie, and enjoy! Happy Valentines day to You!

Today I have a curious little give away. A mini print, and some buttons!

The whole pack includes one mini print of a little girl daydreaming while floating over a pond of turtles, 2 button packs filled with different cute buttons, and it will all come wrapped up in some lovely sailing boat ribbons. I know some of you crafty people out there can fashion plenty of interesting goodies out of all that ribbon and button goodness, so all you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what you could do with this button bonanza, and if you haven’t already, “like” me on facebook. Ta-Da easy as that.

I will be picking a winner at the end of February.


11 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day, and Oh! A give away!

  1. What I would do with these delectable buttons is to use them as mini hair decorations – slip them on to a bobby pin and pop them into the hair or secure them at the tip of braids. Being a jewelry maker, I’d also use a few as pendants or earrings. The ribbons can be turned into a bracelet – secured with a button!

  2. I’d make a button tank top to go with my button sweater. I sewed buttons all over one shoulder of the sweater, probably do something similar with a tank; sew them up the strap, and down across the front.

  3. I would make a layered necklace – one of those lovely chunky ones, that sit almost bib like over your front and just above your scoop/V neckline. I would use the ribbons as the ties for it. I have a whole button collection waiting to go and I can see these completing it perfectly! :)
    [I already like you on facebook. :D]

  4. Mmm…..I would use them to tie all the notebooks that I have waiting to be written.
    Nice and glamourous way to tie up your thoughs, feelings, phrases, tips, recipies, songs, adresses…

    I can also use it for decoration on t-shirts expectin people to ask you – OH! What a nice button! Where did u get it? And me with a smile in my face.. I don’t know, it was given away on Kat Cameron illustrated adventure’s blog.

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