Living in Barcelona

Home Sweet Home

I am feeling rather ill today, I have a pesky cough which came out of nowhere, and has given me the shivers as well as what feels like the Black Lung! So I’m staying in bed at home today. The photos today are from said home…from the floor, which often times ends up as my desk, to the front door keyhole. On my front door someone has scrawled “Apren Catala” to which someone else responded “Apren Tu!” For those unfamiliar with the language of Catalan, it means “Learn Catalan!” and the response: “You Learn!” It gives me fits of giggles. But I have taken their advice and started Catalan lessons. We shall see how that ends up!

These are my pet fish, they hang out in a modified Ikea lamp, which is probably a death trap, although nothing horrid has happened to Sushi, Fuji or Toshiba. Knock on wood. Right I’m off to bed, *cough cough*


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