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Vertical Jungles in Barcelona

This building is located on Diagonal in Barcelona. I had driven past it a couple of times and had always wanted to return to take photographs. This past weekend we packed the camera, and took an incredibly long trip on the metro, then popped back outside to see the building waiting across the street.
I have always been a fan of green, green spaces, parks, jungles, and have been documenting the hanging gardens of Barcelona. This Vertical Jungle however is quite unique. I cannot find out who designed it, but apparently it has been around for almost 30 years.

The whole building is alive with bird song, and I quite wish the whole neighbourhood was filled with buildings like this. It should be regulation! I am going to try and build a jungle like this on my balcony, when spring and summer arrive. I sadly don’t have green thumbs, I think I can only grow cacti, all the plants I have been trying to keep alive this winter are looking very sad!

The building reminded me of the ruins in the movie Monsters which I had just seen. Below are some screen captures from the film.


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