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A day at the Science Museum : Cosmo Caixa Barcelona

Barcelona is home to a fancy Science Museum. Built in 2005, it is a relatively new museum. The outside of the building shows off some lovely brickwork, while the large space inside is home to a Flooded Amazonian Forest (Bosc inundat), which recreates 1,000 m2 of rainforest ecosystem and features piranhas, crocodiles, electric rays, birds and huge catfish.

I know for certain that I will never be snorkelling in the Amazon forest. EVER! Some seriously huge and scary fish live there.

It was super exciting to see the whole exhibit however, as I have always entertained the idea of having a huge zoo, built in a similar style, completely recreating environs. You know, proper snow for polar bears. It’s a fun fantasy that is up there with the blue prints for my imaginary tree house with a lift that goes through an aquarium. I continue to create and decorate rooms and zoo zones in my mind, it helps me fall asleep. :)

Anyway, the museum was loads of fun to walk around, with plenty of cool installations and bones and insects in amber. If you are ever in Barcelona, I urge you to take a trip to the CosmoCaixa, it is well worth a rainy afternoon.


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