Hot Air Balloons

Anything is possible, originally uploaded by IrenaS.

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? I was lucky enough to go once with my family. It was a special occasion, and we got up really early, to reach the balloon launching spot for the best air conditions. It was cold as the flames were lit and the balloon slowly inflated revealing its rainbow coloured fabric.

We rose into the air with it, and it was quite a thrilling experience. The thing I remember the most was the silence. Floating so far above the earth usually requires quite a bit of engine power, and the roaring screams of airplanes or helicopters was strangely lacking from this picture.

I can imagine it would be a delightful way to spy on zebras and giraffe, they wouldn’t be any the wiser, unless they happened to look. UP!

So why all the talk of balloons? Well I have been working on a commission for a client that involves a hot air balloon, so in doing some internet research, I have been looking at balloons all day, and thought I you should too!


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