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Today I thought to document all my wonderful Christmas presents, because, well, this is my journal, and I cant write whatever I like! Lucky me! Now you can see how spoilt rotten I was, and be jealous beyond compare.

My sister made, hello! MADE with her two hands these wonderful crochet watermelon coasters. Which is super cool, I will be drinking frosty watermelon juices from glasses resting on these babies when summer comes. For now I am drinking smiling, piping hot coffee and it tastes oh so much better, just because my little cup has such perfect pink and green seat.

Just thinking about them, makes me do this:

Which is not something I usually make a habit of. Thanks sister!

I was also presented this HUGE copy of Walton Fords Pancha Tantra by my sisters for my 30th birthday. It is filled with beautiful and bizarre animal watercolours. Yes, now my eyes can feast on things like snakes wearing birdcages as tiaras, complicated creature traps, small beasts trying to eat other beasts which are larger than they are and many pages of birds doing odd things. Indeed it is a colourful, intricate, mind boggling, mind bending book, which is very exciting but may also give me nightmares. I love it, and can only wish I had the patience to paint such detailed works.

The book is literally bigger than my head! It is going to fill my evenings for quite some time, I envision sipping on beverages (just lifted off my watermelon coasters) and perusing its pages. I will probably develop muscles, so when I finally finish the book, I can challenge people to arm wrestles, which I will no doubt win!


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