Living in Barcelona

Great Grandmothers ring

This little bird flies in my window. He was doodled there with this fancy schmancy pen I bought from the evil printer shop. The bird makes me feel a little better about visiting the evil printer shop. I try not to visit so often, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, and then the only way to handle it is to treat myself to fancy schmancy pens, so now I have a new pen, and a new bird friend on the window.

Milos gave me his moms ring the other day, isn’t it pretty? My engagement ring is broken again, so this one is filling its spot for now. It matches the ring I was given by my gran, so now I have two lovely vintage rings. Yay. The one from my gran has a lovely opal in it, and the one from Milos mother was given to her by her granny when her little sister was born, she has had it for 43 years. (hah! so now we all know how old Milos aunt is :D)

Little bird, say hello to my pretty rings! Thank you gran, thank you Zana, thank you Milos! I love rings! I love you guys!

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